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R&D solutions

OTA3M: Control platform for on-track machines

First, STREAM will develop a control platform (OTA3M) adapted to existing rail excavators, by exploiting sensors, hydraulic actuators and software which will allow excavators to conduct multi-purpose autonomous operations enabling safe worker-machine collaboration. The OTA3M controls the excavator motion autonomously along tracks and introduces the autonomous capacity of manipulating heavy components relying on motion/force controls, obstacle detection and collision avoidance.

Ballast Cleaning

Running mode

MMPE: Wearable exoskeleton for railway workers

Second, STREAM will deploy a modular active exoskeleton (MMPE) to reduce the risk of injury by assisting workers in heavy activities. The MMPE is tailored to track workers to reduce the risk of injury at the lumbar area by reducing biomechanical loading for a vast variety of manual handlings. MMPE understands human intention by exploiting human-activity recognition, proprioceptive sensors, and control strategies, and reducing worker’s efforts by applying specific forces, synchronized with the musculoskeletal system. The MMPE design emphasizes ergonomic aspects and PPEs integration to ensure comfort and usability making it suitable for workers.