Tampere University (TAU)

Tampere University (TAU, Tampereen korkeakoulusaatio sr) was created on 1 January 2019 as a merger of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and University of Tampere (UTA). The multidisciplinary, foundation-based Tampere University is Finland’s second-largest university with 20.000 students and 330 professors. TAU conducts scientific research in technology, health and society and provides the highest education within these fields.

In particular, TAU contribution to STREAM will be though Innovative Hydraulics and Automation (IHA) unit at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS). IHA has four professors, and the world-class research facilities for autonomous heavy-duty working machine research supported by skilled technicians, providing a unique opportunity to optimally use available hardware (HW) and software (SW) infrastructures for the project. IHA’s three core values are interdisciplinary research, bridging the theory and practice, and industrial cooperation.


Jouni Mattila

Professor - PI at TAU

Lionel Hulttinen

Dr. (Tech.) Student - Project Engineer

Pauli Mustalahti

Dr. (Tech.) Student - Project Engineer

Eelis Peltola

Junior Project Engineer

Olli Mäkinen

Junior Project Engineer

Aleksi Vesterinen

Junior Project Engineer
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